Friday, September 17, 2010

ABC Hobby also makes sweet minis

Ok yesterday was a cop out. I was feeling lazy and couldn't find the product I wanted to write about. Today however, I have it. The goose chassis by ABC Hobby. This thing is also a mini with a rear motor and rwd. I have to assume that makes the car more stable as the M02 and M04 were notorious for spinning out. Lets see. most 2wd buggies are rear motor. The old school Kyosho Raider wasn't and I had mine out last week. It spun alot. I don't remember it being so spin happy but I was running a hotter pack than normal. What am I saying? I think we're going to see more motors hanging off the back of rwd on road cars (like companies are really going to make RWD on-road cars).

The Goose is supposed to be a low cost chassis. I'm looking for a distributor in North America that doesn't rape you for wanting foreign stuff. so we'll see how it turns out. The Genetics are a little under $200 which I wouldn't mind except for the fact that its pre-built. I hate cars I can't build. They do have a low cost kit on their site but for the life of me I can't find someone selling it on this continent.
  • 4WD shaft drive
  • ball diff
  • 295mm Length
  • Width: 157mm-163mm
  • Wheelbase: 208mm
  • Universal Joints
  • This product is not assembled.
  • wheels not included.
Genetic Economy Chassis No.: 23 997 Price 11,000 yen $123.48 USD
I hope it at least comes in a box.

Complete the first category and "RR-driven" adopted has condensed the essence of the ideal Riahoirudoraibu required. RR that thrilling performance and cornering traction but for the overwhelming, the joy of flying goose "to drive" fan can truly experience the RC car!

Price 16,170 yen $188.51 USD
I think I'll wait for the Tamiya. I'm cheap. And poor.

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