Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Make Your Own Parts

If you're like me and you run old R/C cars you have probably run into the problem of not being able to find parts. Especially plastic ones. Now a company over in the UK has come up with a solution. They take a bunch of chemicals and mix them into this stuff they call Plastisteel. The name sounds very 80's so I am intrigued.

Nothing is easy so don't expect to start turning out parts like a Play-Doh Fun Factory. You have to make a mold of the original part so you probably need to do that before you break it. It seems painstaking but the result is worth it.

A tutorial on making RC parts with Plastisteel

So if you happen to e building a NOS kit that you plan to run it might be wise to make some molds of the plastic parts so you can always have some spares. You can also modify the molds to make modified parts, like modifying an A-arm to take a different upright or mount to a different chassis. The possibilities are endless.

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