Friday, September 30, 2011

Tamiya Knows how to Wrangle up Customers

There are so many reasons why I love Tamiya. They are releasing another. I think they have plans to run all of the vintage collectors/hoarders/resellers out of business. Who wants to pay $500 for a vintage kit when Tamiya will rerelease it in a few months? This time they are killing it (slang phrase that I don't fully understand). They are rereleasing the famous Jeep Wrangler! Everybody and their mother really wants this highly detailed body for their scale 4x4 project. I've seen them sell for absurd amounts of money. Now you can score one for probably less than $200.

This thing is the real deal (more slang!). It comes on the awesome CC-01 chassis. This chassis with a few modifications, can really handle some serious off-roading. If I ever get over my Laziness-Maximus disease I'll build mine and show you some of the easy mods you can do to this chassis. Take a look at this build on the Tamiya website. I'm going to do some of those modifications but other things I will do differently. Even if you don't modify your truck it will still kick serious butt on the trail. Are you excited yet? Check out the photos and get really excited!
RC Jeep Wrangler - CC01 Item #84071

Tamiya is proud to introduce the newest member to the R/C family, the Jeep Wrangler. This 1/10 R/C Jeep Wrangler is mounted on the CC-01 chassis and the injection-molded plastic body shell precisely captures its famous form.

1/10 scale R/C assembly kit.
  • The scale model quality injection-molded ABS resin body and hidden body mounts reproduce the realistic form of the Wrangler (YJ).
  • The CC-01 chassis features ladder frame bathtub type frame, front double wishbone suspension, and 4-link rigid rear suspension, offering a similar construction as the actual vehicle.
  • The drive-train features shaft-driven full-time 4WD system and front & rear differential gears to ensure smooth power transmission. The rear differential can be locked to increase traction on slippery surfaces.
  • Comes equipped with front and rear CVA oil-filled dampers.
  • Large sized block tires have realistic tread patterns and are mounted on mesh-type wheels.
  • LED lights are included to depict realistic head (white) and tail (red) lights.
  • 540-J motor included
  • Tamiya 104-BK ESC (electronic speed control) included.

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