Tuesday, August 24, 2010

HKS/Ikkitousen Dodge Viper GTS-R

So I like big names. I picked up a rtr CEN SP-1 off the bay for cheap. It was in great shape so I decided it was worth being a project. I rummaged through my never ending pile of unused RC stuff and found an HPI 200mm Viper body. The Mercedes CLK-GTR body that came with it was in pretty good shape but I wasn't feeling it for this project. I'll throw it in the pile and let it turn up later. Now that I had a base it was time to imagineer.

BODY: I decided to do it in pro-drift style with Itasha style graphics. The paint scheme was simple/complex. I used the patterns from broken glass that has "spider webbed" but not fully broken. I picked a spot on the windshield as the point of impact and made lines radiate out from there. I then fractured those segments into smaller fragments. Finally I assigned each fragment a color making sure no two colors shared the same border.

Once the body was painted, I installed Yokomo S15 silvia headlight buckets and some homemade closed cell foam taillight buckets.

Then I mounted an HPI type-D wing and ordered up some Ikkitousen anime decals along with a set of HKS drift decals from my homies in China.

While I was waiting for my stuff from china to arrive I pilfered a few decals from the Tamiya HKS Opel decal set I have. I also picked up a flashing headlight/taillight set from China and installed them.

CHASSIS: I didn't do much to the chassis. I had a pair of Powerline Racing shocks many years ago. Not long after I got them I lost one, for FIVE years. I finally found it at the bottom of my RCCA collection. Built them up and put them on the back.

The front shocks came from ebay. I bought a full set for a different car but one set was missing the extra pistons and rod ends. I emailed the seller and asked him to send the missing pieces but he sent me a whole new set! Awesome seller. I used the blue/stiff springs, two hole pistons, and 50wt oil in them.

I also shimmed the suspension. This car has down travel limiters in the arms and that was nice. Wheels came from China, tires came with the car.

The only thing I did was soak the tires in GOOP hand cleaner for a few days to soften them a bit. I used the stock electronics (fail, more on that later) with a fresh Johnson silvercan.

The last few pieces ordered were a great big Kawada pinion and an e-sky gyro. My only other tricks were to move the electronics to the lower deck and de-grease the bearings.

TESTING: This puppy is fast! The parking lot was wet (It was raining!) but the gyro kept this 2wd beast in line. I could still spin it but only when I was trying. The stock esc is crap. Reverse never worked, you have to use the "set" button to power on/off, and it had a serious case of  "I go where I want" when the radio was off. My buddy gave me one from China so I expect it to feel right at home on this car. The radio was working great but it came with batteries. I accidentally left it on and killed them. One leaked and now the radio is acting up. I'll sort it before I take it out for round 2.

UPDATE: The body wasn't designed to be slammed with headlight buckets. At full lock the tires would jam against the lights and the car would push like crazy. I busted out my fake Dremel and sanded away at the lights. Still rubbed. Now I either raise the body or the ride height. I'll probably go with the ride height since during the first test a wood screw jammed itself into my chassis. The new esc works flawlessly and it has a switch that I mounted on the side of the chassis. Now I don't have to remove the body to turn it on/off. Also this thing beeps for "on" and has a neat little 3 note tone for "radio on". The motor was getting a little warm but some of that was from the tires rubbing adding extra load on the motor. I hope its not geared too tall, as I have a tendency to do that. When I touch up the paint chips on the front lip I'll take some night pics.

More pics here.


Anonymous said...

where did you get your light buckets from?

Anonymous said...

Ive been interested by your car for a while. Glad I came across your blog! I have seen this car all over the net and was curious about its upgrades, but never knew how to contact you. I have an old CEN SP1 Ive been upgrading.

One of the things Ive been wanting to do is convert it to wheel bearings/nuts. The SP1 comes with philips screws on the wheels. And I'd like to convert it to wheel nuts and bearings. Everytime I see your car, I noticed it had this conversion done. My question is, what bearings did you use on your SP1? I dont know where to start and cant seem to find a bearing/conversion kit that will fit the SP1 chassis.

Your help would be greatly appreciated.

92gsr said...

This car was a version 2 model. It came with standard dogbones and axles. I have since acquired a version 1 model (like yours) and have been considering a sequel. CEN made an upgrade kit for it but that would probably be hard to find by now. I plan on tackling the axle problem with Tamiya parts since they have the greatest variety. I will be sure to post any information I find.

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