Friday, August 27, 2010

Your shocks are all squishy

You have trouble getting all of the air out of your shocks. You think we don't hear your shocks from here? I don't have that problem because I build my shocks ON THE MOON. No air to muck up my shocks. For those of you who do not have a Nissan 240sx that transforms into an X-wing fighter you will need one of these from Tamiya:

RC Damper Oil Air Remover Tamiya Item #53710
Optimizes damper performance by removing air bubbles in oil easily and quickly. Can also be used for a damper stand.

No that one is discontinued. But you can still find it. Those that can't try this:

RC Damper Oil Air Remover - Super Long   Tamiya Item #54152

When assembling your dampers, this air remover offers you a faster way of drawing out the bubbles to help save you time. This item can be used for machines such as 1/8 Nitro that use long dampers.

  • Air remover X 1pc.
  • Pump x 1pc.
  • Sticker x 1pc.
  • Instruction manual x 1pc.

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