Friday, August 20, 2010

ABC Hobby = Awesome Body Creator [dos]

For years I have been lusting after an integra body. Yes I know HPI made one, yes I have it, yes they used the honda accord's mold for the front end. I wanted something sexy but had to do without. I used to own a DA GSR (hence the name) and I also built a JDM integra with a K20a2 and 6-speed swap. All that is ancient history now. I have a Tamiya RSX for my ff02 and I just bought an HPI 300M (yes M) body for my Mantis fwd conversion. But just like being 34 doesn't stop 18 year old girls from being attractive, outgrowing my integras doesn't stop this one from being the sexyest honda body ever made. There's a van here too.

Length: 453mm
Width: 190mm
Wheelbase: 260mm
Illuminated light cover protective film-only accessories

I really like it with these wheels

I needed to post the raw translated Japanese text:

ABOUT OF Odyssey (RB)

[Bang!] Daddy smelly and clumsy I [Bang!] It is no longer a complete history!
Now the most popular minivan category's Odyssey and made the flow! The car was originally built to divert Accord components and production lines, consistent with the needs of a large living higher than that of sedans and vans no mask fearless low silhouette and distinctive traditional became a hit. The current Odyssey third generation 2007 Odyssey was born in 2003 RB1 and type 2. The low-down style of the Odyssey is just the first style "infinite" was born in pursuit of a sense of luxury minivan quality modern parts such as aluminum or conscious.

The ABC hobby, this Odyssey RB1 (early type) model realistic? The face has become a symbol of the Odyssey can be aware of vehicle lamps from parts that are designed specifically for light. Modulo addition RB2 (late model) to follow the entire third-generation Odyssey also supports Terudekaru grill.

Length: 454mm
Width: 190mm
Height: 147mm
Wheelbase: 260mm

Notice the F-350 High-Lift wheels?
Includes: Light Cover Decals Masking Film Only Includes: Light Cover Decals Masking Film Only
with Decal & Masking film & Light Buckets with Decal & Masking film & Light Buckets

 Our 01 Superbody is uncut, unpainted.You can enjoy building you own car!!
 High Definition Decal ABC hobby decals, decal supplier of high quality computer graphics. The shadows are realistic and shiny parts, forget things like that feeling of decals [graphic material 』sought to attract.

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