Thursday, August 26, 2010

Active Hobby "Angel Eyes" Headlights

So you just cut up your body to make Lamborghini doors and now you really want to rice things out. Well here's your chance! Bam! Angel eye headlights for RC. Actually they look pretty cool. I'm going to be honest here. No one will notice them while the car is driving and probably not even when its still. Only close up pics will reveal the angel eyes. If you're building a Tamiya BMW then here you go. Otherwise they're kinda ricey.

Any available light patterns can be wired to separate part of the ring. For White and Blue Ring headlights, taillights and red line for two types of red rings.
Size - Diameter: about 10.5 mm, Length: 45 mm l
Image is a prototype. Subject to change specifications and design. The installation process is required to Lightcap. The body shape may be difficult to install. Please be forewarned.

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