Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Old School is New School

We all want to relive the old days but don't want to spend the few hundred dollars building a vintage buggy from ebay. Stop dreaming and for heaven's sake DO NOT BUY THAT HOLIDAY BUGGY. I found something you can appreciate. Back in the day Academy was known as Minicraft Somethingorother. They made copies of Tamiya's more popular cars like the Grasshopper and Bigwig named the Road Runner II and the Mirage 4x4wd (yes 4x4wd). If you remember these you know we didn't care much for them because we were rolling in Optima Mid's, YZ-10's, gold pan RC10's, and Avante's. Now, those cars cost as much or more than brand new kits and NIB versions cost more than your first automobile. What do you know? Academy STILL MAKES THESE old cheap cars. Sweet deal for us since Tamiya re-releases have restocked the parts bins for the originals. I will find out where to order and how much they are going for someday. Right now enjoy a little info from their site.

  • Length 380 mm
  • Width 220 mm
  • Height 150 mm
  • Wheelbase 250 mm
  • Gear Ratio 7.83:1
  • Kit
  • RS540s motor and mechanical controller
  • Independent front suspension
  • Oscillating rear axle
  • Stable plastic damper
  • All Terrain tires on chrome rims
The Road Runner runs on a reliable and long-standing chassis. Just like our Monster Hummer, it is a pure fun car for the court or the beach. Therefore, tuning options are not foreseen. The model has a solid plastic body.

  • Length 437 mm
  • Width 285 mm
  • Height 250 mm
  • Wheelbase 250 mm
  • Ground clearance 35 mm
  • Gear Ratio 7.83:1
  • Kit
  • RS540s motor and mechanichal speed controller
  • Independent front suspension
  • Solid rear axle
  • stable plastic damper
  • 125 mm oversize tires
The Monster Hummer is based on the tried and tested chassis of the Road Runner. Like this it is a pure fun car for the court or the beach. Therefore, tuning options other than oil shock is not foreseen. The model is available in two body versions buildable, military and fire department. As our pictures show, but also their own ideas are entirely possible.

  • Length 393 mm
  • Width 235 mm
  • Height 159 mm
  • Wheelbase 260 mm
  • Weight 1390 g
  • Independent suspension with double wishbones
  • Rugged Chassis
  • RS-540s motor and speed controller included
  • Chrome plastic rims
  • Four-wheel drive with shaft
  • Aluminum dampers
  • Pre-assembled
  • With plastic bodywork and decals
A fast and stable 4WD Buggy RC for beginners. An RS-540s motor and a mechanical speed controller are included in the kit. MIRAGE is a pure fun car for the court or the beach. Tuning options are not foreseen and not recommended.


romano said...

I'm the proud owner of an roadrunner II but I need a source where can Buy new parts do you have somthing already for me?

you can contact me on this just leave a comment thanx

92gsr said...

These are the shops listed as distributes and their emails. Contact them and they should help you.

A&L Distribution AB



Modell & Hobby Kft.

SK Model

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