Thursday, August 19, 2010

ABC Hobby = Awesome Body Creator [uno]

ABC Hobby is awesome. Back in the day I was considering being a US distributor for them, but I was a bike shop owner and didn't know jack about distribution. Sigh, I would have so much lexan by now. Anyways they have been on a tear for a while producing some awesome stuff.In part 1 I am going to showcase some of their 1/10 scale 257mm wb bodies that we all need to own. They have amazing detail and prices that reflect this. I don't want to hear all you broke ballers talking about how you won't pay $50+ for a lexan body. You're full of crap. The reality is you don't have $50 to spend on a lexan body. Neither do I. That's why I borrow stuff from you then sell it on ebay. Can I borrow your lipo charger? I need that A70 Supra.

Brand development in Japan started in 2005, "Lexus", a year after it, until now, "Lexus LS" upgraded more than "LEXUS · LS460" was released while a large spotlight. The "LS460" appeared ripe body is fully filled with the charm of touring! And now "LS460", as well as hybrid design "LS600h" decals can be produced by replacing!

3DCAD utilizing cutting edge technology, "LEXUS · LS" superbly stylish design is very good balance! More clearly drawn by the computer HD (High Definition) decal and pull more realism.


1980 Toyota 2000GT GT cars of the highest birth and since become a supra car A70. Sport is a high character even after the JZA80 can evolve into a supra, a strong atmosphere of luxury GT car in the A70, there is a strong fan.
ABC 80's domestic car hobby [A70 Supra GT highest long-awaited as the body was released for the touring car!

The body includes a cover that is designed specifically for light lamps. Can be reproduced in other parts light buckets also included. Reproduction of mold lines around the hood and doors are fine line tape, finish work to assist the body make the series the other products.

Super body 01: Toyota Supra A70
Length: 465mm
Accessories - decals, masking film, light covers only Illuminations

Body data
Length: 447mm
Width: 190mm
Wheelbase: 258mm

Only light cover decal sticker - Masking
Headlights (state open) parts

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