Friday, August 20, 2010

SPICE Toyota Starlet Body

If you know how fresh these are then you must be old like me. Take off the jean shorts and grab some cargo's. Now that you're comfortable, check this thing out! This motherlovin car is dope! (2nd 80's rap adjective) This has the TRD type flares and a nice little spoiler on the back. I have to admit, If this is their first body I will be looking forward to the next. Wouldn't it be freakin amazing to mount one of these to a drag chassis and make a Puerto Rican drag car? Of course it will WHEN I BUILD IT!!

As the first SPICE 1 / 10 body sales. Previously, mini body, Mini-z bodies that we have been selling for 1 / 10 touring body will first launch. It "TOYOTA Starlet KP61 body" will be.


Anonymous said...

Where can I get one?

Anonymous said...

where can i get the toyota starlet orange with carbon fiber sides

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Where can find the light bucket and lenses?What did you use?

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

where can we buy a few

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