Thursday, February 24, 2011

Trencher 2.8″ (30 Series) All Terrain Truck Tires Video

I guess you can tell I am exploring other genres of RC. I love basher trucks. My first real RC was the Tamiya Blackfoot so obviously I am partial to the larger wheeled fun machines. Check out this video of proline's new big wheel tires.

The Trencher 2.8″ is a direct replacement tire and will fit on the stock Traxxas®2.8″ wheels. Pro-Line’s world class development team spent several months of research, development and testing to ensure that the Trencher 2.8″ tire will perform above and beyond your expectations in any condition that you take your Stampede® or Stampede® 4X4. Whether it is loose or hard-packed dirt, sand, snow, street or gravel the Trencher 2.8″ tire is up to the task. If you only buy one tire for your Stampede® or Stamped® 4X4, this is the one to buy!

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