Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Slot Cars, New Retro Fun

Slot cars were a major part of my life while growing up. From AFX Magnatraction to Tyco Magnum 440 X2's and everything in between. Long before I could afford an RC I was racing Tyco HP7's around a figure 8. When I got bored I made the "sock" layout. Later I got the Tyco Pit Stop set with the Magnum 440X2 indy cars and began racing with my friends. We all began building and acquiring different cars to race with. Some were lucky enough to score AFX G-Plus cars, others ran highly modified Tyco manum 440 chassis. The only rules were no open wheeled bodies. I think we added Cam-Am bodies to the banned list. I eventually ended up with an AMRAC Porsche as my race car. We battled all over the neighborhood and had a great time. We learned about cars and magnets and brushes. A great time was had by all.

Kyosho is trying to rekindle those nostalgic feelings by jumping into the slot car arena. I'm not fully sure I like the size but from what I see it's pretty cool. I've also included pics and a vid from the awesomest (should be a word) slot track in the world. It's called White Lake Formula 1 Ring.


Anonymous said...

That doll is sexy, hahahah

Jolandi Kerstetter said...

That might be a cool place where to bring Dad! Hmm, he's been fond of racing since his early adulthood, and I think I could take him somewhere similar to that place. I've never been to one actually, so it would probably be a first time for both of us. I could eventually give him a real treat now. Thanks to your post, I just had the best idea ever. :D

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