Monday, February 7, 2011

Redcat RS10 Rockslide XT (extra tricks)

My Redcat RS10 is an amazing vehicle. I have beat that truck from here to Teexas and back, yet it is always waiting for a fresh pack and ready to kick more butt. I am no rock crawler guy so I don't really know how it works on the rocks. Besides NJ doesn't have many rock formations. The forums have a ton of info on this truck and there are lots of aftermarket parts available too. The best part is it comes complete with everything you need for $170 or less. It is a RTR though.

I have a serious issue with RTR's. Our country keeps implementing rules to protect the stupid and cater too the unintelligent. This trickles all the way down to our hobby. The problem is this hobby requires a certain amount of knowledge to be able to fully enjoy it. If you build your own car you know how it works. when it stops working you can diagnose and repair the problem. If you have no idea how it works you will be more inclined to move on from the hobby when it has a problem. Some people say RTR's are a great way to get people into the hobby. I think the only thing that makes them good for beginners is everything is in one box. If kits were available as RTB (ready to build) with radio and electronics all in one box, they would get just as many people into the hobby as RTR's.

Rant over. Enjoy this new RTR.
Rockslide RS10 XT 1/10 Scale Crawler

Blaze your own trail and whip up some rock crawlin’ carnage with the new Rockslide RS10 XT! Monster boulders and steep vertical assaults are no match for this agile 4X4 with its dual electric brushed 70T 390 motors, aggressive tread RC crawling tires and aluminum chassis with flexible suspension. A durable polycarbonate road-rash resistant body, oil filled aluminum bodied shocks and 3 channel FM Remote are sure to impress any off road RC rock jockey!
What's different on the RS10 XT?
  • Hi-torque 390 can motors coupled with 8T pinions
  • Shortened wheelbase to competition-legal 12 1/2"
  • Lowered Center of Gravity (CoG) with new battery tray
  • Using industry standard flat style battery pack
  • Included smooth bottom skid plate to reduce hang-up on rocks
  • Improved suspension through new 4-link design
Motor Type            Quantity 2 - Electric Brushed 70T 390
Drive System          4 Wheel Drive
Length                     445mm
Width                       268mm
Height                      148mm
Wheelbase               315mm
Chassis Type           Aluminum
Shocks Aluminum    Capped Oil Filled
Battery                     7.2v 1800mAh Included with Charger
Radio System          3 Channel FM Digital

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