Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Serpent S411 Proves Orange Is Dope

Remember the Serpent 733 Evo I wrote about a few weeks ago? Well they have also have an electric touring car coming soon. This thing doesn't quite move me like the nitro did. I think it's because of all the wicked 2011 releases that we've already seen. Maybe I need more pics, either way I like it but I don't love it. Check it out.

Serpent developed a brand-new 1/10 scale touringcar to make a strong come-back into this fantastic and highly competitive racing class. The project is nearing its completion and the results will be shown on the Toy-Fair in Germany as world-exclusive introduction of the Serpent S411.

The Serpent S411 is all about refinement. The design-team has decades of experience in electric car racing and this will show!

Lots of attention to detail for building the car, for maintenance and for setting up the car. A true pleasure to “play” with, again and again ….

Easy and fast set-up, easy maintenance, but in the end it all comes down to straight out of the box performance with top quality parts. Mission accomplished. Now we need YOU …..

The selling of the car will start in april, a precise date and all details on the Serpent S411 will be announced at the fair and in the Serpent website soon after the Toyfair.

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