Thursday, March 10, 2011

Tamiya Brings Us The Honda CR-Z FF03

What do you consider an awesome kit? Is it easy to assemble? Is it the most high tech design? To me an awesome kit is one that when you finish building it you are torn between driving it and staring at it for hours. I find myself staring at this CR-Z not because it is so gorgeous but because it is so almost gorgeous. Tamiya did a tremendous job replicating this Honda. Unfortunately the car itself is iffy. When tuned it can look aggressive but stock it looks as exciting as oatmeal. Of course the FF03 chassis is sweet enough to make up for the bland body.
RC Honda CR-Z - FF03 Item #58490
The 2010 3-door hatchback sport hybrid coupe Honda CR-Z comes equipped with a 1.5 liter SOHC 16-valve i-VTEC engine which produces an excellent economy of 25km/l. The Honda CR-Z is also the first hybrid care to include a 6-speed manual transmission whereas its predecessor the CV-T had a paddle-shift transmission. The CR-V won the "Japan Car of the Year for 2010-2011" and now comes accurately reproduced as a 1/10 R/C car loaded on the FF-03 chassis.
Specs and Features:
  • 1/10 R/C assembly kit model of the Honda CR-Z.
  • Polycarbonate body.
  • Horizontally-mounted motor is installed at the front of the chassis-Full ball bearings, front ball differential, and CVA shock units.
  • Short reversible suspension arms with inboard front suspensionTA05 V2, TB03, TRF416 and TRF417.
  • Front wheel drive .
  • Full independent, double wishbone suspension system.
  • Sticker sheet and masking seal included.

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