Tuesday, March 8, 2011

3Racing Now Imports The Fujin 211GO 1/10 M-Chassis RC Car

Geeks. This hobby is full of them. I know this. I can admit that I am geeky when it comes to RC. Some people in this hobby can't admit the fact that they are geeks. Lets make a checklist from the ground up.
1. Your sneakers are laced up really tight.
2. You are wearing jean shorts.
3. You wear any shorts with a long sleeved shirt or jacket.
4. You cellphone is clipped to your belt.
5. You have a cellphone holder on your belt.
6. You are wearing a necklace.
7. You have a goatee.
8. You are wearing a hat indoors.

Now that we have established this lets move on to this car. It looks awesome. It's a mini. I want one. Check it out.
Our first car called 211GO, a 1/10 EP 4WD RC Car M-Chassis, is the narrowest chassis of M-class cars in the world. It's built with graphite main chassis and upper desk, aluminum motor mount and 2 drive belts. The thickness of main chassis is 2.2mm and the upper deck is 2.0mm. To make the twist more balance and exalt the efficiency, it uses a center point as pivot to link up the main chassis and upper deck and let the upper deck connects from front bulkhead to as near as the rear bulkhead.
Overall Length:      300mm
Overall Width:        165mm
Overall Height:       100mm
Ground Clearance: 5mm
Wheelbase:             203-211mm
Tread (F/R):            F147 / R146
Gear Ratio:             1:2.05
Body:                       Not included
Motor:                     540 Motor (Not included)
Battery:                   7.2V Battery (Not included)
Speed Controller:   Not included

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