Thursday, March 3, 2011

Xray Makes Shocks With Adjustable Rebound

I love suspension adjustment. Mainly because I was a poor RC kid and couldn't afford many upgrades but tinkering was free. I would come home from school, grab my freshly charged pack, walk to the corner, and run my car up one street, U-turn, down the street, around the corner, up the other street, U-turn and repeat. While charging I would tinker with the suspension until I could take the corner both ways flat out. Yes I chose to do that instead of hanging out with girls. I know that was extremely geeky but at least I had the option of hanging out with girls. You didn't. Now look at these awesome shocks but only after you talk to some girls.
#308332 Composite Shock Parts with Rebound Hole – Short
• composite shock parts (except pistons)
• upper shock cap with a hole for faster & easier rebound adjustment
• fits all XRAY electric and nitro touring short shocks

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