Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Hot Bodies TCX

One new touring car that I have not mentioned yet is this new Hot Bodies TCX. It looks pretty cool. I personally don't like it because Hot Bodies was the death of HPI being serious about electric touring cars. I enjoyed the Pro 1-4 series of cars. I guess this would be the Pro5 or something like that since the Cyclone was based on the Pro4's suspension. Hot Bodies also made some awesome touring car bodies in the 90's. I had their NSX and it was one of my favorites. So there you go. Look at this car and decide if you like it, if so buy one and call it an HPI Pro5.
The HB TCX has been in development for over a year, and has been test-driven by multiple World Champions to make it the fastest, most reliable and tunable machine on the track. It has been fully optimized for use with the most recent achievements in battery and motor technology. The HB TCX is the latest evolution of the world championship winning HB touring car platform.
HB TCX Spec:
Length: 365mm
Width: 190mm
Wheelbase: 258-262mm
Weight (approximate, race-ready): 1350g

  • Optimized design and balance for modern LiPo batteries
  • New narrower 2.5mm thick chassis
  • New one-piece symmetrical 2.0mm top deck
  • New more compact bulkheads 3mm narrower
  • New compact motor mount moves motor 4.5mm towards centre
  • New narrow layshaft and 20T pulleys
  • New flipped belt drivetrain layout
  • New twin crank steering
  • New bulkheads are fully symmetrical front to rear and left to right
  • Adjustable top deck flex with bulkhead screws
  • Motor mount completely under top deck
  • Servo and radio gear sit as close as possible to centerline
  • 20T layshaft pulleys and 39T front/rear pulleys combine for increased efficiency
  • POM rear diff with 12 3mm ceramic nitride balls
  • Aluminium/POM front spool with aluminium sleeves
  • Aluminium/steel driveshafts
  • 3.65mm shock towers, 7 fine-pitch adjustment holes in front, 8 in rear
  • Worlds-winning suspension design with longer top links
  • Reversible lower arms for extra shock positions
  • Adjustable anti-squat, toe, roll centre
  • Droop screws
  • Full set of turnbuckles
  • Threaded shock bodies with single o-ring construction
  • Complete set of sway bars included (1.2mm, 1.3mm, 1.4mm)
  • Infinitely adjustable ball stud sway bar mounts
  • Fully equipped with ball bearings
  • Wheels, tyres and inserts not included
  • Also requires body and electronics

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