Thursday, July 28, 2011

HPI's New Drifter

I really liked Hot Bodies back in the day. They did the standard touring car stuff (stratus, accord) but they also made bodies likes the Mazda Millenia. My NSX body I had from them was one of the nicest non-JGTC NSX bodies out there. HPI noticed their style too, and bought them. I don't like how HPI uses them as their "lower" product line. That moves Hot Bodies closer to Duratrax than the World Champions they are.
This new car is awfully familiar to the design Club Enthuse used years ago. That was an awesome car further enhanced by Alex Racing. This one looks like someone picked up a Club Enthuse and said, "I can do that!" Don't get me wrong. I like clone cars. They lower the price and increase parts availability, get more owners of the same chassis, and keep the chassis relevant longer. This one isn't a clone, it's more like a design copy.  If they bring us this one at a reasonable price it will be a winner all around. Check it out.
#68780 TC-FD KIT
The New All-New HB TC-FD
HB is proud to announce the all-new TC-FD. The TC-FD is a high end no compromise 1/10 scale electric drift chassis. It sets itself apart from the rest by being the most advanced and versatile chassis in the high end drift category. It utilizes a forward motor and rear battery configuration for the most optimized weight distribution possible. The motor and battery positions are also fully adjustable to allow for further fine tuning to achieve optimum performance. The TC-FD is also fully setup for Counter Steer Drifting with the optional Counter Steer Drift kit. Suspension components such as the aluminum threaded body shocks, aluminum toe blocks and bulkheads, are all taken directly from the World Class race winning HB TCX. In addition it also comes standard with newly designed front steering knuckles and rear hubs. Nothing but the finest in anodized aluminum and carbon fiber components are used throughout the TC-FD, from bulkheads to motor mounts and upper and lower decks to shock towers and everything in between. The entire driveline and steering assembly both spin freely on a full set of high quality ball bearings. The TC-FD holds nothing back, and takes drifting to a whole new level.

TC-FD Spec:
Length: 365mm
Width: 190mm
Wheelbase: 258-262mm
Weight (approximate, race-ready): 1350g


  • Front mid-motor layout
  • Included diff configurations:
  • Drifting: front ball diff with rear spool
  • Racing: front spool with rear diff
  • Carbon Graphite double deck chassis
  • Multiple battery positions
  • Threaded aluminum shocks
  • Adjustable motor position
  • Full time four wheel belt drive
  • Full ball bearings  


  • Main chassis
  • Upper deck
  • Shock tower
  • Steering plate
  • Bumper stopper


  • Lower bulkhead
  • Upper bulkhead
  • Middle bulkhead
  • Motor mount
  • Belt tensioner
  • Pulley 18T
  • Universal shafts
  • Threaded shocks

Included diff configurations:
  • Drifting: front ball diff with rear spool
  • Racing: front spool with rear diff

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