Monday, July 18, 2011

RC Can Be An Inexpensive Hobby - Part 3.

RC Can Be An Inexpensive Hobby - Part 1.
RC Can Be An Inexpensive Hobby - Part 2.

The final chapter in our look at what you can slap together for around $40 plus a few items you may have lying around.

The orange truck rips. This basic design is what put Traxxas on the map and like I said before, most of these components can still be found in their modern vehicles. The 32p gears are loud. The lack of ball bearings make it even louder. The truck launches off the line and moves at a good clip. So much so that I had to upgrade the motor in the purple one.

The purple one has a sweet suspension. The shocks are mediocre at best though. I really don't like bottom builders (shocks that are built from the bottom of the body). The problem is there is no air chamber and bladder to deal with the oil that is displaced when the shock compresses. Someday they will be upgraded but as of now I have no interest in spending money on these trucks.

I also took the purple one to a skate park. There was a small box jump with a vert section that I was sessioning pretty hard. it would launch about 6 feet in the air. The problem was I could jump it slightly and land on the backside of the box, but if I got some air it was landing on the flat. On one of those landings I dislodged a magnet in the vintage LeMans 360st that I had in it. That test was over.

In conclusion if you find yourself getting bogged down at the track, or trying to keep up with your friend that is an uber-collector; don't forget how to have fun, buy a cheap used stadium truck and tear up stuff.

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