Friday, July 29, 2011

Enroute Has a Drifter With a Familiar Setup

So 1/10 scale chassis designers are looking at touring cars and thinking, "If I put and old school high spur gear 2 belt drivetrain on here, backwards, I can make this a front motor drifter!" I have a cool pic of a NEO T21 that somebody started to convert. That inspired me to attept this with an HPI RS4. Then I realized I needed to machine a new bulkhead for the motor mount/spur gear and changed my mind. Maybe some other chassis will inspire me to finish the idea. Or I can just buy one of the multitudes that are hitting the market.
This thing looks awesome. I don't want it. It is made in Japan so the quality and price will be high. I also don't drift. I never finished my drifter and I bought another one that is still NIB. RC drifting is not popular in my area. I found an RC drift crew in my state. There are four members and two prospects. One day I'll contact them. Maybe.

I really think the global economy has everyone one slight away from being angry. There is so much negativity everywhere. I think times like these are when we dig ourselves into our hobby and have some fun. Buying and building drift cars can get our minds off being broke. Hopefully.
This puppy is a luxury touring car drifter. It comes with counter steer gearing, titanium hardware and silver carbon fiber. Counter steer gearing is giving the front and rear different gear ratios so when you slide the rear spins more than the front (I think). This allows you to counter steer like you would in a real car. That is the extent of my knowledge about RC drifting. Look learn and enjoy.
JXR 1/10 drift chassis

Aluminum parts: black anodized
Chassis: titanium colored carbon composition chassis

Main characteristics: 
  • 6061-T6 is used for the main aluminum parts.
  • Standard specification 1:1.6 drive ratio (front and rear)
  • suitable for straight and saddle pack batteries
  • large diameter front one way.
  • The chassis is made from a composite of glass and carbon, for both lightness in weight and flexibility.
Set contents: 
  • Complete set of upper and lower chassis
  • Front and back shock tower
  • Aluminum motor mount
  • Front and back aluminum bulk
  • Complete set of aluminum steering for large rudder corner
  • Front and back suspension block (with suspension pin)
  • 37T aluminum pulley
  • 16T/21T aluminum center pulley
  • 30T aluminum rear pulley
  • Rear aluminum belt tensioner
  • Large diameter front one way (with cup)
  • Rear aluminum rigid hub
  • Complete set of front bumper
  • Battery holder for straight battery
  • Titanium screw

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Tizer said...

Haha just spotted a pic of my car when googleing something. That Neo front motor conversion is mine. I never finished it though, as I already had a Yokomo DRB.

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