Monday, April 4, 2011

Tamiya's Soupped Up Dune Buggy

Tamiya is doing a superb job at being Tamiya. What do I mean? Kyosho doesn't sell mechanically stunning RC models any more. Traxxas went from "American racing icon to challenge Associated and Losi" to RTR's at Pep Boys. Losi went from a family of racers to cheap RTR's. I can't continue, it's too depressing. You get the idea. So meanwhile Tamiya is still producing charming, good looking, durable, and fun kits. That's why when you see my Tahoe you know it's mine by the big Tamiya decal on it. For those of you that feel like I do about RC, kits, and Tamiya take a look at what they are giving us this summer. It even comes with a driver figure! With no official press release I had to dig up these old crappy, watermark-removed-with-mspaint images. While preparing for publication I noticed the screws in the shocks. I really hope these are CVA's and not yellow friction shocks. "Coil spring damped" means friction shocks in Tamiya =(.

RC Super Fighter GR - DT02 Item #58485
New Features:
  • The Super Fighter GR features gun metal colored polyethylene body, white wheels, and yellow dampers.
  • Newly designed full-body sticker sheet included.
  • Kit includes FREE BONUS PARTS
Specs and Features:
  • 1/10 R/C asembly kit model.
  • Features ribbed front and spike rear tires.
  • 2WD DT-02 chassis features a longitudinal battery layout for lower center of gravity and optimum weight distribution.
  • 4-wheel double wishbone suspension is equipped with coil spring damped units.
  • Sealed gearbox protects against sand and debris and is equipped with different gears.
  • Driver figure included.

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